Learning Management System

Free Training Guide and Information Kit

You may be new to online training or perhaps you have already been involved in several e-Learning projects. In either case, an information packet with background and detailed product information is a good place to start. The information resources we send you come without obligation for the purpose of helping you develop a winning e-Learning strategy and increasing your knowledge.

Learning Management System Info Book Free Training Guide and Info Book

Informative new booklet with stragetgies, tips, and inside information about online training. Understand benefits, options, comparisons, and concepts.

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Learning Management Quick Reference Guide Free Quick Reference

Here is a useful, easy-to-follow laminated E-learning reference with checklists, project steps, glossary, training material in a handy quick reference format.

Do you already have a good idea of what kind of training you want to do? Ask a FlexTraining e-Learning consultant about putting your ideas and material into a FlexTraining course and showing it to you online. You'll see first-hand that online learning works, it's effective and it can save you money.