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Learning technology is now flexible and streamlined

NOTICE: For colleges, schools, and organizations needing to move classroom education online, we suggest FlexTraining as the fastest, most cost-effective way to do that. We use a streamlined, templated-based platform that lets you quickly build your own courses and tests, or have us create them. FlexTraining converts learning content from text, images, video, audio, PDF, PowerPoint, etc. into online courses accessible 24/7 from anywhere. Discover how we can help by completing the short contact form here. Or watch a short demo here.

Great for moving classroom education, college courses, corporate training, compliance courses, from any format or source.

FlexTraining is your best choice if you:

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The traditional LMS was slow, rigid and centralized.

Top-down training development was the classic paradigm.

Our Universal Learning Platform empowers your users.

Now users and departments can build their own courses.

Rapidly Build Online Courses and Tests

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Create courses from existing materials

E-learning development can be costly and tedious. Learning systems are notoriously hard to use and manage, unlike FlexTraining.

Free With Every License or Cloud Subscription:

Adopt FlexTraining as your streamlined learning platform. You will immediately see a reduction in headaches, complexity, and expenditures. Take a look.

Easily Manage Training Activity With Your Custom Web Console

Training Management Console with courses, learners, and skills

Full service or self-managed. FlexTraining works. Why take a chance with something else?

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The traditional LMS was slow, rigid and centralized.

Top-down training development was the classic paradigm.

Our Universal Learning Platform empowers your users.

Now users and departments can build their own courses.

Learning technology is now flexible and streamlined

Compliance, Customer, or Employee Training

  1. Drop your content into our template-based framework
  2. Auto-generate courses from PowerPoint
  3. Auto-generate courses from Video.
  4. Monitor activity online from any web browser

Also Monitor Activity from Your Mobile Device

  1. Course completions up to the minute
  2. The latest enrollment statistics summarized
  3. Exceptions and warnings that need your attention
  4. Instant secure access from any web-enabled smartphone.

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All-inclusive Universal Learning Platform, ready to develop and track live training:

Now users and departments can build their own courses.

Traditional LMS vs. FlexTraining

Learning Management System


Operated by experts and technicial specialists.
Operated by non-technical staff or by us at FlexTraining.

Owned by IT department or consultants.
Owned by any group or department, or scaled to serve the enterprise.

Authoring, delivery, tracking done on seperate tools or "silos".
All-in-one integrated platform from end to end.

Modify policies and behavior by programming or complex configuration.
Set options and workflow in a few minutes.

Build courses by starting from scratch with complex, unfamiliar software.
Use One-Minute Wizards to generate lessons from existing materials such as PowerPoint.

Run long reports and distribute to management to monitor progress.
Track activity on Dashboard app, run reports as needed.

Load up your staff with Instructional Designers and LMS specialists.
We'll handle partial or complete course development so you can focus on your business.

Extra courses, extra authors, or extra managers mean extra fees.
All these are free - we encourage you to grow.

Tech support from overseas "support shops" and inexperienced agents.
Dependable framework with support from FlexTraining developers.

Operating the system is often tricky and frustrating.
Fun to use, which supports creativity. Love what you do!

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"FlexTraining has set the standards for the industry; all others fall short of its quality and appearance."

Elaina Rankin
Application Specialist, EZELAUNCH

" Our training was up and running right away. FlexTraining really hit it out of the park!"

Jeff McLendon - President
US Lumber Inc.

Learning technology can be user-friendly

" We had no idea that, by choosing FlexTraining, we would be getting both an outstanding application and the support of a dynamic team. It is obvious that they not only believe in their product but also take pride in the success of their consumers."

Nancy Tufts

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