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Our groundbreaking platform is all about interaction and multimedia support. Take a moment and quickly create a video or audio-based lesson here.

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FlexTraining is completely different, adapting itself to your unique requirements.

Use Existing Media and Educational Material

Utilize text, images, video, audio, text, PDF, Articulate files, or start from scratch.

Our vision: a simplified course delivery platform that anyone can use.

We provide built-in templates, navigation, course wizards, flexible testing, activity tracking and learner-printable certificates.

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Our Management Center and Our Student Module are both secure, flexible, and easy to use. Take a quick look and go from there.

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Have your own private, complete authoring, delivering and tracking system. Build actual courses, exercises, tests. See exactly how your planned training will look and feel in a live environment.

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Learn about best E-learning practices, strategies for developing courses and five common mistakes.

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