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Create Your Own Courses

Rapidly assemble custom online courses, using existing manuals, presentations and multimedia, or simply create complete courses from scratch. Out streamlined process makes course-building a snap. All you need is an idea - FlexTraining provides the structure and navigation.

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Turn PowerPoint Into Multimedia E-Learning

Here is an example of how a basic PowerPoint presentation can become an FlexTraining online course lesson with narration, automated delivery, navigation and progress bookmarking.

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Optional Video Brings Training To Life

Various formats and display methods are available. Mix and match with text, image, audio, and other content. Video lessons are delivered, tracked and bookmarked as learners progress through a course.

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Create a Custom Look and Feel

Easy branding techniques give your FlexTraining system the look and feel you want.

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A Personal Experience For Every Learner

The Secure FlexTraining Student Menu

Introduction to the flexible, configurable, FlexTraining student menu.

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Course Navigation

Learners move from lesson to lesson seamlessly, no matter what content types you have chosen, while FlexTraining tracks their progress. At the end of each course optional certificates and course evaluations are offered.

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Taking an Online Test

Testing measues how much your students are learning - test templates are text and multimedia-based.

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Interactive Online Training really works. Examples:

Interactive Screens

Keeping the learner's attention is the basis for the interactivity that is key when you need to transfer knowledge and build skills.

Scenario-based Training

In this Captivate example, the learner's responses determine what kind of information is displayed next. A section of material is bypassed if the learner already has the desired knowledge.

Branching Example

In this interactive scenario, the learners see what happens when they reply with the right messages in a sales conversation. They also see what happens if they respond with the wrong messages.

Choose To Do-It-Yourself for Total Control

Flexible Settings

FlexTraining is designed from the ground up to allow each customer to tailor the way the system operates without programming or complicated setup procedures. A wide variety of configurable options, policies and parameters help you create the exact training environment you need.

Managing Your Learning Content

A versatile set of centralized libraries help you organize your re-usable audio, video, and other learning content. Create your own folder structure and locate training files easily for use in your online courses.

Building Online Courses

FlexTraining includes a totally-integrated authoring system that lets you build Courses, Lessons and Tests from the ground up. All you need is an idea - FlexTraining provides the structure and navigation.

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