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Top Training Software Fits Any Project

E-Learning tools can transform a company or organization, with targeted training and knowledge transfer accellerated throughout the enterprise.

Using FlexTraining gives you a proven strategic advantage in today's marketplace to have immediate access to an online training system and to be able to quickly deliver online courses.

Building courses with E-Learning software should not be difficult and expensive. Your staff should be able to assemble online training quickly and easily. Follow the links above to learn more about what online training can do for you.

With FlexTraining being utilized by companies and organizations in almost every industry and location, canned training courses where "one size fits all" does not apply. Many companies will use the point-and-click authoring and assembly tools to create their own courses. Yet there is a continuing need for reliable, economical services in the area of course development and those services are available from FlexTraining.

Beyond re-engineering the product from a technical perspective, FlexTraining version 6.2 also features redesigns in selected heavily-used system features. For example, the integrated course-building system was completely rebuilt to be more compact and visual. The new look and feel is designed to increase productivity for course developers.

Also, the Media and Content shared libraries, where course developers catalog and deploy learning materials, have been redesigned to make content items easier to add and track. User can also work with multiple files, and very large files, more easily. Together with the new course building features, the user experience for content and course developers has been greatly streamlined and improved.

FlexTraining is a market leader with an efficient, cost-effective online learning solution that powers training to more than two million students worldwide. FlexTraining is loaded with easy-to-use features and can be customized to meet the online training needs of every industry and scope of learners. This total E-learning solution offers a secure, hosted environment with complete, integrated menus and a robust reporting function. It offers an integrated set of learning screens and authoring tools along with a built-in help system and best practices instructional program.

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