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Class Name  Water Distribution 3 Online (NO CEU)
Description  Thank you for your interest in the Water Distribution 3 Online course provided at the FW&PCOA Online Institute. The following provides the online course description. Tuition: $225.00 (payable on-line) The FW&PCOA has been providing training for water distribution system operators since 1981. The on-line Level 3 course is a self-paced course that meets the core subject area requirements of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Operator Knowledge Base Manual, providing the training required by rule for the Florida water distribution system operator level 3 licensing examination. Students must complete the course within 3 months of enrollment. Students are required to use the course manual, Water Distribution System Operation and Maintenance, Seventh Edition, available from the California State University Sacramento Office of Water Programs. The Level 3 online course examines the basic concepts of a water distribution system, including storage, system components, water quality, disinfection, operation and maintenance, safety, water math and regulations. As stated in the course description, there is a course book required for the course that may be purchased from Sacramento State, Office of Water Programs. The book is presently priced at $90 plus shipping – for additional information, please see the following link: Water Distribution System Operation and Maintenance, 7th Edition: The course is self-paced, and each lesson provides a slide presentation that has been converted to HTML5. The device being used to access the course content must have the latest version of an internet browser installed. We recommend a display resolution of 1024 X 768. The online course does not provide an audio narrative. The student visually observes the presentation and uses the course book as a reference to the material being presented. There is a brief test provided after each learning module for the student to assess his or her learning experience – to determine whether the lesson contents have been understood. The FW&PCOA provides the end of course exam in a live proctored setting after you successfully complete all course modules. Please complete the proctor request form provided in the last lesson of the course and send to the FW&PCOA Training Office - see the form for instructions. The FW&PCOA Training Office and/or proctor will arrange the exam session with you. After you have successfully completed the end of course exam, and you have three attempts at the exam to do so, the FW&PCOA will mail a certificate of completion to you. This certificate is used when applying to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for the Water Distribution Level 3 licensing exam, to demonstrate completion of the requisite training course. For more information on the FDEP’s Operator Certification Program, regarding requirements and fees, please refer to the water distribution program handbook, accessible using the following link.
Class Start:  1/15/2010
Class End:  1/15/2030
Price  $225.00

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