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Class Name  Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator C
Description  This course is approved by the FDEP to meet the prerequisite course requirements to sit for the Florida "C" level wastewater treatment plant operator licensing exam. Students taking this course to qualify for the Florida exam are required to have access to the latest editions of Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants - A Field Study Training Program, Volumes I and II published by the Office of Water Programs, California State University - Sacramento. These manuals may be purchased on-line. After you have successfully completed the course and have passed the final exam, the FW&PCOA will mail you a certificate of course completion that must be used when applying to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for the Class C Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator licensing examination. This course contains an introduction and 16 training modules. The 16 training modules cover: Module 1 - Professions Module 2 - Scientific Concepts Module 3 - Safety Hazards Module 4 - Hazardous Materials Regulations Module 5 - Basic Math Module 6 - Pumping and Hydraulics Module 7 - Disinfection Module 8 - Sampling Techniques Module 9 - Regulations Module 10 - Employability Skills Module 11 - Basics of Wastewater Treatment Module 12 - Wastewater Sources and Collection Systems Module 13 - Treatment Processes Module 14 - Troubleshooting and Sludge Management Module 15 - Inspection and Maintenance Module 16 - Common Operational Problems
Class Start:  1/10/2011
Class End:  1/10/2030
Price  $300.00

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