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Class Name  Green Option for Managing Phos in Sidestreams (WW02015229 0.1 CEU)
Description  Extractive Nutrient Recovery is a Mature Option for Managing Phosphorus in Sidestreams - Wendell O. Khunjar, Paul Pitt, Ronald Latimer, Enrique Vadiveloo, Katya Bilyk, Vivi Nguyen, Laurissa Cubbage, Bill Balzer, Rick Baumler, Charles B. Bott, Robert Harris, Richard Porter, Holly Elmendorf, Tyler Richards, Robert Fergen, Manny Moncholi, and Simon Lobdell, Florida Water Resources Journal, June 2013.

Please make sure that your internet browser has been updated to the newest version. This course requires the use of the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in (free download at, or comparable PDF reader application, to view the article and to view and print the course completion certificate.

Class Start:  6/4/2013
Class End:  5/31/2023
Price  $15.00

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