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National Training Systems, Inc. - Advantages to Buyer

This is a turnkey operation with software, infrastructure, and customers already in place. It's a fantastic situation for a buyer with existing company and sales department.

Summary info is online now at

You will start on day one with two major revenue sources:

  1. IP for a complete online training framework, as the basis for direct sales and the establishment of distribution channels if desired. New customer acquisition will scale up as you add sales resources. This is your primary source of revenue as you scale up and apply sales resources.
  2. Established renewal revenue for current customers will begin around $350,000 annually and grow as you add customers. This is your additional "insurance policy" revenue as you begin to scale up.

This amazing company's operations are well established and positive factors include:

  1. Focused Product/Service Line. Easily understood and managed. Little chance for conflict with buyer's products.
  2. Established Diverse Customer base. Many sizes, many industries.
  3. Stable, proven product. Mature product already has all needed features. Development limited to streamlining and modest feature enhancements.
  4. Clear title to intellectual property. Almost all in house development from scratch, in standards-based, web-native architecture.
  5. Profitable for 16 straight years. Gradual, steady growth history.
  6. No debt, no outside obligations other than office space lease. No outside equity, investors or pressures.
  7. Existing mature sales pipeline, recurring revenue renewals.
  8. No Accounts Receivable. Almost all cash operations.
  9. No third-party entanglements or obligations. No reseller dependency.
  10. No hidden liabilities. All software licenses have been issued with "as-is" clause and limitation of liability to fees paid. Very little chance of disgruntled customer seeking refunds or litigation.
  11. Operational infrastructure in place (staff, networks, servers, products, collateral). Servers owned, not leased. No capital investments required.

What we sell is advanced learning technology and related services

We work with companies of all sizes, from Fortune 1000 enterprises to new startups.

The FlexTraining platform fits all industries, and we provide full-service solutions.

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