LMS Tips: April 2010: Making Sure Your E-Learning Project Is Valued

April 2011


Research tells us that training clearly has a positive impact to a companyís bottom line. Training teams want to be certain their contributions are fully realized, want their value to the organization recognized and donít want their programs to be minimized due to budget cuts and financial shortfalls. Every revenue and cost center can make a big impact to your companyís profitability, and whether itís new hire, safety, compliance, sales, product or technical, training costs are on the chopping block.

One tried and true way to increase the value of your training program is to take it virtual with an online training system. Reach your entire workforce, lower your training budget and boost your ROI with an E-Learning initiative.


Staying In the Game


To remain competitive, increase production and improve profits, youíve got to build a better team, and web-based training gives you the tools youíve been looking for to develop the learning model you want to make the impact you need. Staying in the company game means retooling your existing methodology!


You canít control external conditions, such as the economy, price of raw materials, cost of fuel, etc. But, you can control your message of change, opportunity, strategy or whatever you need to get your ideas out there and make them happen. Maybe youíre tasked with maintaining production with ďless,Ē or keeping your customers satisfied with fewer staff. With less people that must do more, how do they get expanded skills? Or increase sales? Or maintain calls times? Or sustain morale?

Strategic Partnerships


Information, instruction and motivation are key to maximizing opportunities, managing expectations and minimizing unfavorable conditions. With the negative impact of so many external conditions, itís up to you to shift your priorities and develop a plan of attack (and recovery). These changes are bound to create challenges, and your online training initiatives can make a real impact at this juncture.


Challenge your workforce and management team by introducing E-Learning technology and bringing your training program to the forefront of your organizational recovery. Make an online training program your strategic partner for success and profitability.





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