LMS Tips: Materials and References Suitable For Online Training Content





A:  You can use a wide variety of material in your online courses. The content sections may come from material you created elsewhere, such as PowerPoint, Word, spreadsheets, video, HTML, etc., or courseware purchased from a third party. Also, learning screens created right inside FlexTraining using our built-in Authoring Tool can be used as its own content section or mixed with existing or pre-built training content. 

A FlexTraining E-Learning course can have as many content sections as you wish. Content sections are the meat of the class, flowing in a natural sequence from section to section.

You have the option to create a Course Guide for each class, too, which can be built into the course in a Word document or an HTML version. The Course Guide content is normally developed by the instructor or training administrator and may include formatted text, tables, graphics and hyperlinks to external web pages.

Your branded online training program can be a flow of uniformed course sections or a mix of content pieces in a variety of formats. Both are tried and true methods for effective course delivery.



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