LMS Tips: Apr 2012: Can an LMS Really Help Your Business?

April 2012





The more training your employees receive, the better prepared they are to promote your product, perform their duties and contribute to your company’s success. Customers who understand your product and processes will be more inclined to use it skillfully and experience more satisfaction, plus will be more likely to recommend it to others. Knowledge is more than power. It is the confidence-builder, the engine grease and the key to survival in a tough marketplace. And the most cost-effective and resourceful way to empower and impart knowledge to employees and customers is through online training.


An online training program enabled by a Learning Management System (LMS) will allow the delivery, tracking and management of different types of learning for employees, stakeholders and customers, and increased knowledge will strengthen the partnership between boss and employee. Moving information is critical to your successful business, and one smart way to manage your training objectives is to invest in an online training delivery system, which will help those within the business run a better business.


An online training, or E-Learning program, can incorporate all departments, including human resources, accounting, product development and operations so administrative and supervisory tasks can be streamlined and automated and the overall cost and impact of training can be tracked and evaluated. Additionally, introducing an online training initiative designed specifically with your business prospects or customers in mind can be one of the best decisions you can make to generate product interest, improve product knowledge and increase revenues.


Many companies are already enjoying the benefits of a web-based learning program while reducing classroom, travel and instructor-related costs. Course developers and instructors can streamline and reuse existing training material with ease and proficiency, and subject matter experts can be tapped for up-to-the-minute product launches and organizational efficiencies.


In today’s pressing business climate, small, medium and large companies can benefit from well-designed E-Learning activities. Businesses large and small must be able to distribute, manage and assess an educational program that is integrated and launched from within their own system in a well-organized, low-cost manner.


Companies in the know make it a point to stay that way. A major component of this knowledge principle is to ensure that a cutting edge E-Learning program is developed and maintained as an on-going solution to continuing education, employee development and sales growth. An online training program can help your business as a cornerstone of the foundation of all knowledge management within the organization, and a company that continues to learn will continue to grow and thrive. And after all, that’s what a successful business is all about.


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Is Instructor-Led Online Training Right For You?


Do you need an instructor for your online training program? It's your call. The FlexTraining fully automated E-Learning environment gives you three options: 1) self-paced, student-led learning, 2) instructor-led training, or 3) a combination of the two.


In a student-led environment, students learn directly from your prepared course content, and also from each other in discussion forums. Additionally, input from your Subject Matter Experts enriches the quality and expands the capacity for multi-dimensional learning content so your learners may have everything they need within the system and course material. The online training technology does the rest with automated instructional delivery 24/7.

If you elect to utilize an instructor or trainer, ensure your E-Learning system gives you the option for instructor-led courses as well as student-directed self-paced courses. With FlexTraining, when you define your course lesson, simply designate whether the course you are building requires an instructor.


Your instructors should have the option to collaborate with each other in the training environment to exchange documents and ideas and chat in a private, secure setting. This can help build and maintain a cohesive training team.


Instructors should also have the option to interact with participants during the course in a live online discussion forum which would emulate a traditional classroom environment with real-time “dialogue.” Another commonly used communication option is a message board, which offers an asynchronous chat setting and allows the instructor to receive and respond to student queries, commentaries and postings in an offline manner. Whether you choose a live chat or asynchronous message board, rich student interaction and feedback can develop related ideas, reinforce the course topic and enhance the program experience overall.


Integrating instructors with your online training initiatives gives you the best of both worlds. Your online training system should ensure instructors are given access to online course building, student enrollment and approval, progress reporting, automated notifications, skills management, online training, test tracking and course evaluations.


The FlexTraining E-Learning Solution gives you the instructor-led options you need for the online training choices you want. With or without an instructor, your learners will benefit from the flexibility your new online training system offers!



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