LMS Tips: August 2011 - Learning experience - Newsletter for E-Learning Systems

August 2011

Training Tips

Exchange ideas and create a classroom Blog with Message Board threads

Enhance the learning experience by promoting student opinion and contribution to the subject matter with postings on the FlexTraining Message Board. The Message Board provides 24-hour asynchronous collaboration and interaction for your online learning participants. The asynchronous element means that your learners do not have to be online at the same time to communicate.

Students exchange ideas and comments as they go through the course. Administer and review assignments via the user forum and allow student ideas to shine.

You can use the Message Board feature to create private message boards as courses are built. Multiple Message Boards can be created for each class, and additional private Message Boards may be established for collaboration between instructors for instructor-led courses.


Let the blogging and exchange of ideas begin in a secure platform that offers threaded discussion among students, linking students and instructors, or between instructors.




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