LMS Tips: Using Training Software to combat the rising cost of training

Defeating Spiraling Training Costs?




February 2008

The launch of 2008 probably meant a fresh series of training programs, product launches, sales objectives or student enrollment goals. A new year and a new direction can be exciting, but it’s up to you to make it all happen, and you’re probably already busy planning several new projects. Unfortunately, your budget allowance probably hasn’t kept pace with the spiraling costs associated with new project launches and related training programs. How will you effectively implement the tools and processes associated with your new objectives, plus manage the training costs related to educating your learners?


Online training will improve training effectiveness and increase productivity, and the FlexTraining Total E-Learning solution will dramatically reduce your traditional training-related expenses. Before time, and training costs, gets away from you, ask yourself a few simple questions.


  1. Do we have the staff and system requirements to provide web-based training? Your productivity and staff:student ratio will soar due to the centralized development, implementation and launch of online courses.
  2. Who will develop the training courses? No experts required. The FlexTraining Management Center will guide you or your training staff every step of the way as you quickly build courses, course guides, testing and reporting functions.
  3. Will we need to develop new training material, or do we have existing course content to transfer to an online format? Most companies have existing training content in a variety of formats, including Word, PowerPoint and spreadsheets. Plus, the integrated Microsoft PowerPoint-to-Flash converter provides instant transformation of your PPT presentations into the versatile Flash movie format!


When you say “Yes” to online training, you’ll discover a cost-saving solution for your training programs and for your company budget! Automating your training will amplify the impact of your existing resources and will soon become an integral part of your new product, informational and training launches. Transitioning from a traditional classroom format to web-based training can be achieved with ease, and the FlexTraining Learning Management System offers a variety of integrated templates for custom course design, student tracking, reporting and analysis. Your new or existing training content will be converted for web-based delivery and ready for release to meet those new project deadlines - and probably under budget!


Learner Impact


Every bit as important as cost is the direct impact on the employee or customer. E-learning is provided in a user-friendly, online environment, and performance testing and tracking are significant development and rating tools for employee advancement. In a world of spiraling costs and increased demands on all employees, on-demand E-Learning solutions are bucking the traditional classroom trend and assisting organizations in every industry with product launches, project management processes and training objectives – at tremendous savings to the organization and a great start to your new business year!



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