LMS Tips: Why Employee Training and Development suffers during long difficult periods




Training in Challenging Times


February 2011


During challenging economic times, especially protracted periods, employee training and development initiatives have traditionally been areas hardest hit by budget cut-backs and program elimination. Many organizations used to see these training projects as luxuries rather than necessities.


These days, the view toward employee training and development has become a long-term strategy rather than a short-term fix. Also, many organizations are working hard to equipment their leaders and those within the ranks with the skills and strategies necessary to rally their troops and be contributors to the company’s success during these uncertain times.


While the reactive cuts in training expenses may have the desired short-term effect, which is saving money, the long-term consequences can lead to the opposite of what is needed. In fact, eliminating essential training often results in higher employee turnover, lower revenues, less motivated employees, decreased productivity and low morale. These results impact customer handling, satisfaction and loyalty, thereby perpetuating a general downward spiral.


Training Priorities


Generally, current training priorities are trending as noted below:


ü                  Leadership

ü                  Customer Service

ü                  Sales

ü                  Communication

ü                  Basic work skills


As many training professionals know, employee learning and development is used not so much to solve short-term problems as it is to create long-term opportunities. Leadership and employee development training should be viewed as a strategic investment rather than a tactical response. This is good news indeed for organizations, leaders, employees and the customers they serve.


Getting the Biggest Bank for Your Buck


With training a decided priority, how do you get the biggest bang for your training buck? E-Learning, such as the FlexTraining Total E-Learning Solution, or the Login and Go hosted subscription service, is the most cost-efficient and time-sensitive delivery option. Web-based training, which automates new or existing training material with interactivity and multimedia options, provides student assessments and ensures results tracking and analyses, is on the upswing.


E-Learning can be dispensed to those who need it quickly and inexpensively, and learners can apply what they learned almost instantly, thereby ratcheting up the ROI index. Organizations invest in training to develop the skills and abilities they need to meet organizational and customer needs both now and in the future. Training cuts impede a company’s ability to prepare for and compete in the current and future marketplace. It’s best to include web-based training initiatives as part of your overall success strategy in the short- and long-term.














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