LMS Tips: Using an Instructor in Employee Training - Managing Instructor-led Courses

February 2011



Instructor-Led Online Training


If you elect to utilize an instructor or trainer, ensure your E-Learning system gives you the option for instructor-led courses as well as student-directed self-paced courses.


Your instructors should have the option to collaborate with each other in the training environment to exchange documents and ideas and chat in a private, secure setting. This "teachers lounge" option can help build and maintain a cohesive training team.


Instructors should also have the option to interact with participants during the course in a live online discussion forum which would emulate a traditional classroom environment with real-time "dialogue." Another commonly used communication option is a message board, which offers an asynchronous chat setting and allows the instructor to receive and respond to student queries, commentaries and postings in an offline manner. Whether you choose a live chat or asynchronous message board, rich student interaction and feedback can develop related ideas, reinforce the course topic and enhance the program experience overall.


Instructors should be given restricted access to a web-based menu that is multi-functional and secure that supports online course building, student enrollment and approval, progress reporting, automated notifications, skills management, online training, test tracking, and course evaluations.

Integrating instructors with your online training initiatives gives you the best of both worlds.


The FlexTraining E-Learning Solution gives you the instructor-led options you need for the online training choices you want.


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