Training software - the features which are really essential

LMS Tips: Training software - the features which are really essential

Whatís In An LMS?

February 2009



Considering a Learning Management System? To be successful, an LMS must fit into your overall E-Learning plan and facilitate the business goals you want to accomplish. An LMS worthy of your time (and money!) must provide an infrastructure that allows you to plan, deliver and manage E-Learning programs in new and existing formats.

So, what should you look for in an LMS?

There's little doubt that an LMS, an online training system, is a great investment that will offer new frontiers for your training initiatives. Finding the system that's the best fit for your company requires a careful selection process and thorough survey of available features.


Training Tips


How can you evaluate the success of your assessment strategy?

One key benefit of a fully-automated Learning Management System is that tests are graded automatically, in real time, as they are taken. You can generate reports from testing data that tell you whether your course content and testing strategy are aligned. 
Evaluation and reporting focus can include:

1) How each student performed on each test.

2) Analysis of each question, and how students are answering it.

3) Pre-and post-test scores, demonstrating the effectiveness of the training.

4) Performance graphs plotting average test scores against goals.


What kind of test questions should you use? 


When establishing your testing strategy, consider your class size, complexity of the training content and the workloads of the participants. Choose question formats that are suitable to your testing material and subject matter. Consider these formatting options:


  1. Multiple choice
  2. True/False
  3. Fill-in-the-blank
  4. A mix of the above


With FlexTraining, you can add videos and images for test questions, generate a warning when the time is nearly up and randomly select from a pool of questions at test time.


You can also set timing parameters, define the number of test attempts for students and present the correct answers or explanations after the test completion.


Whatever your strategy, test question format and user-defined options, the FlexTraining LMS can handle courses of any length and can incorporate any number of tests, including pre-testing, progress testing and post-testing.


Your successful testing strategy begins with aligning your content and evaluations around training goals and tying both to business objectives.     


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