LMS Tips: Getting Ready for a New Software Release

Gettin On with The New Release



Happy New Year!  A short time ago, a new FlexTraining version was released. 


Throughout each year, Online Development collects new features and ideas and develops new capabilities for the FlexTraining Learning Management System (LMS).  At times it seems difficult for me to convince them to add new features that I think are great ideas.  This is because the development team utilizes a highly effective internal system for continual product improvement, staying true to their initial vision for the product, and keeping the crazy-likes of me from causing destruction.


Obviously, what works for one FlexTraining user organization does not always work for another. In the end, the product continues to appeal to organizations of every size, industry, and government agency.  FlexTraining is still going strong after 13 years of careful and continual product improvement.


Here are several new features.  These do not take into consideration the tremendous behind the scenes data-processing improvements made this year alone.  While FlexTraining continues to maintain affordability for smaller organizations, the number of large FlexTraining user organizations have found equal or greater value.


         Expanded database functionality enables individual managers/supervisors to be matched with students for automatic notifications.  This is in addition to automatic notification for administrators, trainers, students, and non-designated recipients.   Separate line-management notification helps supervisors manage accountability, or just maintain student progress awareness.


         Additional data fields with expanded EEOC regulatory compliance and risk management capabilities for human resource management.  These highly customizable data field set capabilities enable minimal or detailed reporting uniquely defined to each organization.


         Flex Authoring has been expanded with redefined and improved course authoring templates.  A new built-in text editor provides course creators with a wide variety of new text editing and formatting features.  As in other past versions, this is in addition to plain text or HTML code from other editors that may be used.


         Private authoring environments:  The powerful FlexTraining Hierarchy feature is now applicable to course development.  Content digital components and course structure are easily segmented, enabling course creators/developers to privatize, or selectively share, course components.  You can leverage personnel skill sets from different parts of your organization, and also provide secure environments for outsourced contractors.


         Additional student notification:  Students are now provided warning and course completion requirement expiration dates with visual color-coded highlights.  This creates a prominent visual characteristic when the student logs-in.  Also, it adds an additional communication feature to help students and administrators maintain compliance and/or training deadline requirements.


Many other additional features compliment this release.  Request a live, online demonstration of these powerful tools, unlimited results.


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