LMS Tips: Employee Training: Getting Your Message Out

Get Your Message Out


January/February 2009             



Training budgets are squeezed, instructional resources are at a premium and staffing levels are tight. Employee attendance at all-day training sessions is a thing of the past. Sound familiar? If so, Online Training may be the solution you need.


Doing More with Less


The pressure to increase revenue, consumer demand for improved customer care and the push for enhanced internal compliance are critical. Training professionals are stretched to the breaking point to get their message out and deliver relevant training in the face of escalating costs of travel, shrinking classroom space and budgetary constraints. Training departments are tasked with doing more with less, much less.


When your target group doesn’t get your message, sales, safety, conformity and customer service suffer. Universal training goals of health care providers, manufacturers, retailers and government agencies, to name a few, are to drive education to all levels of employees and improve service levels, all the while stretching a dwindling training budget. Too often, this results in critical product-, job- or company-specific material falling by the wayside.


The quickest and most far-reaching way to avoid these maladies is an efficient, economical E-Learning program.


E-Learning Software - The Simple Solution


The FlexTraining Learning Management System is an “all-in-one” software solution that lets you offer unlimited courses and increase the scale of your training initiatives. Save money, reduce development time and watch your learning programs soar.


§         Reuse your existing training materials

§         Easy-to-use template-based framework

§         Multi-language, interactivity, multimedia and other capabilities


Whether your learners are in single or multiple facilities, home- or field-based offices, your message is critical to achievement targets and measurable performance. Revenue enhancement, product knowledge, risk management and team development are common goals for every organization.


In lean times, you’ve got to make everything count! If you’re tasked with improving training initiatives and enhancing company performance, with the added pressure of reducing costs, Online Training is the most comprehensive, cost-effective solution.


With FlexTraining, you can automate your existing training material without reinventing the wheel. More than one million learners worldwide have experienced FlexTraining. Find out how E-Learning can support your educational initiatives by reducing expenses, automating existing materials, expanding student bandwidth and getting your training message out!


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