LMS Tips: What Students Can Expect From Web-Based Training

What Your Students Can Expect From Web-Based Training


You have a stable base of internal employees, the sales team or external customers, and the training needs vary with new hire orientation, safety and compliance, new product roll-out, product certification, and so on. Whether your learners are internal or external, what should they expect when logging in?


Most importantly, your learners should expect to navigate course content while their progress is tracked. They can access and take online tests that are automatically graded and recorded. First, however, your learners should encounter a login screen that is easy to use and offers password assistance and language options, if applicable. The Student Home Page might offer a catalog of scheduled classes along with a syllabus for each, with a key word search option. Students can use a personal, secure student menu to access courses, instantly enroll in available courses and measure progress against a training plan.


Scheduled tasks and/or news announcements should be a click away, along with viewing and downloading assignments given by an instructor. Students might also review, update and download a personal online student notebook, plus view progress in a defined skill group, competency or curriculum.


Learners should have one-click email messaging options for the course administrator or instructor, and have access to course evaluations to provide feedback to developers.


Your students deserve the most from their online training experience. The FlexTraining Total E-Learning Solution utilizes a one-screen control panel that includes all of this functionality and more.





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