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July 2011





Can Online Training Create Real Value?


Can training really impact the success of your organization? This age-old question circulates around an array of industries, small, large and somewhere in between. Whether training is traditional or virtual, the answer is a resounding yes!


The temptation to cut training programs seems like an easy fix to budgetary woes, but the long-term benefits and value of training far outweigh the risks associated with the short-term decision to eliminate this critical component of your company’s success. Also, proceed with caution, as once training is gone, you may never get it back!


Taking training to the next level includes moving to an online training delivery system, where you’ll slash expenses and virtually touch every available learner in the system. Online training offers enterprise-wide key benefits, lasting value and an improved bottom-line organizational impact:


High organizational applicability: Your online training program should integrate easily into the departmental work flow(s) and have a sound basis in the company growth and strategic objectives. Industry standards and performance goals are essential components of making your training topic relevant and impactful.


Business relevance: Train your team knowing that the course material will impact critical areas of business, with productivity, quality and business development topping the list.


Confidence: Whether you’re training leadership skills, career paths, sales, production, strategy, safety or new hire orientation, online training helps employees close skill gaps and build confidence that are essential to winning performance.


Increasing value over time: A trained workforce and learning resources are valuable, and the more they use their training and solutions, the more they create value and impact to your organization in a meaningful way. Training and expanded knowledge are essential to move your team forward, at every level and in every area of your organization.


The powerful role of online training will make a definitive and measurable impact to your organization and will play a fundamental role in your company’s success. Let the key benefits and value be your guide to moving training forward with an online training solution!



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