LMS Tips: Give your online students access to your Subject Matter Experts

July 2011

Give students direct access to your Subject Matter Experts!

FlexTraining gives you the option to create courses that are instructor-led or completely automated. Either way, the content can have the input of an expert in your domain or topic.

Reach out within your organization and invite the great thinkers to participate in course development by providing content and viewpoints on the subject, company, objective or training program. By utilizing your resident experts, your content will be enhanced and the learning experience will be enriched.

When you convert your classroom teaching to online training, your learners will have direct access to the augmented subject matter without the need for on-going instructor preparation or classroom time. Once the material is integrated into your learning content, students benefit from the added value, and you're in control of the collaboration team on a class-by-class basis.


Invite one subject matter expert or multiple authors to augment content and boost your training message.





Q: Can I set up online training courses without the help of a technician?


A: Yes, you can set up courses without any assistance from a technical expert.

After the initial one-time installation, the administrator or training professional can define courses, schedule classes, approve enrollments, track testing, monitor progress and operate the FlexTraining system through the management center's web-based interface. The simple point-and-click screens allow you to specify the look and feel of your learning screens while identifying and maintaining company training preferences.

FlexTraining has become the industry leader in learning management software by offering straightforward and user-friendly training solutions with flexible, clear-cut screen and training selections.


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