LMS Tips: Training Tips for June 2011: Instructor-led Training

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Do we need to have an instructor for our online training courses?


It's your call. The FlexTraining fully automated E-Learning environment gives you three options: 1) self-paced, student-led learning, 2) instructor-led training, or 3) a combination of the two. When you define your course lesson, simply designate whether the course you are building requires an instructor.


In a student-led environment, students learn directly from your prepared course content, and also from each other in discussion forums. Additionally, input from your Subject Matter Experts enriches the quality and expands the capacity for multi-dimensional learning content so your learners may have everything they need within the system and course material. The online training technology does the rest with automated instructional delivery 24/7.
With or without an instructor, your learners will benefit from the flexibility your new E-Learning system offers!





Q: Do my students need plug-ins in their web browser in order to use FlexTraining?  

A:  No. FlexTraining itself requires absolutely no plug-in software and no download-and-install procedures for the students. If your course material is built with Flash, HTML, tables, images, photos, text, etc., then students don't need anything more than a standard web browser. 

If you choose to have audio, video or special formatting in your course material, then you need to ensure end users have the proper equipment and software.




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