LMS Tips: Deciding whether, and how, to convert PowerPoint content for E-Learning

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March 2011



If you’re like most training departments, you have a variety of PowerPoint presentations that have been utilized in one forum or another. Many files may even be external to the training group and may belong to a cross section of departments. These can be valuable training tools and may contain product and organizational content that were developed by your in-house subject matter experts. These uncoordinated and separate PowerPoint documents may be rich with training nuggets and beneficial for your training program.


If you collect a sampling of these PowerPoints, you’ll probably find that you can integrate them into your existing courses and content. And when it comes to PowerPoint and training amalgamation, you’ve got file options!


You can convert the PowerPoint to HTML, which yields smaller files and faster loads. Or, you can use a PowerPoint-to-Flash converter that provides instant transformation of your presentations into the versatile Flash movie format. With either conversion, your learner will not need to have PowerPoint on his/her computer to run the files.


Converting PowerPoint slides into Flash dramatically speeds up the delivery of the dynamic training files. You can author entire online courses using only PowerPoint, a familiar and reliable tool and most likely part of your training arsenal. Or, for optimal file efficiency and smaller, streamlined delivery, convert your new or existing PowerPoint files to HTML or Flash. The interactive exercises and speedy delivery will create an optimal training environment for your learners.


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