LMS Tips: May 2011 newsletter: Selling Your e-Learning Initiative Internally


May 2011

It isnít easy to predict how business leaders will prioritize new projects, or how certain budgetary line items receive primacy over others. When companies have unlimited options for internal investments with limited funding, ROI may not be the deciding factor in the final analysis.

When introducing or expanding an E-Learning system, one key selling point is the benefit of sound training the technology will provide employees. Here are some additional points you might raise with the decision-maker while proposing E-Learning: 

1.       What benefits would be realized by having an internal training system with courses that could be developed and managed by non-technical personnel?

2.       What competitive advantage would be realized if we could cut our development time for new product/service training in half?

3.       How much impact would be felt if we could reduce our training travel budget by 75% (consider the expense of airfare, hotel, car, meals, time Ö the list goes on!)?

Of course, youíll want to develop situations that relate directly to your business and its specific pain points an E-Learning system can cure.

Communicating Your Ideas

When promoting the value of the project, here are some things to keep in mind:

1.       Who are the stakeholders, and how will the transition impact them?

2.       How will the new E-Learning initiatives create value and support company objectives?

How will E-Learning benefit your bottom line? Tally up the cost of the project and calculate savings in classroom time, travel and related expenses. Place a value on improved performance after training and divide the benefits by the costs. This should reinforce your proposal.

Getting Final Approval

For your project to be approved, youíll need a consensus on the need for improvement to your training requirements, plus an agreement that your proposed solution is the answer. With a little help from your E-Learning consultant, you can prepare a sample online training course and demonstrate the training your learners will experience.

Armed with an illustration of the proposed E-Learning course, the anticipated organizational impact and several quantifiable points, youíll achieve success in selling your E-Learning initiative.



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