LMS Tips: May 2011 training tips: Scheduling training and enrollment

May 2011


Q:   With my E-learning software, do I enroll students in classes or do they enroll themselves? 

A:  Once you create and schedule a class, you can control the entire enrollment process yourself by entering or importing students and automatically enrolling them in selected courses. A personal training plan can be assigned automatically to each student, or group of students, as needed. 

Alternatively, students can use your training web site to enroll at any time, without your involvement, using the "Automated Remote Enrollment." You can even tell FlexTraining to collect and process credit card payments as the student enrolls.

Whichever process you choose, both enrollment options get students on the training track, save time and streamline your training administration.



Training Tips


Using an Authoring Tool to Build Your Own Courses


You can build your own interactive training using an Authoring Tool that allows you to create individual learning screens and group them together to construct your lessons. FlexTraining has a built-in Authoring Tool that enables you to use a visual, point-and-click layout in multiple, flexible screen templates.

The Authoring Tool has an integrated Text Editor allows you to customize your learning screens to brand your training program, reflect your corporate identity and choose from a variety of background and font colors, adding your own images, logos, themes and formats. The Authoring Tool allows you to insert your existing content such as PowerPoint, Word, PDF, Flash, video, images or any of your own ideas.


The Authoring Tool offers a wide selection of learning screens and gives you design options to choose an onscreen title, background image, audio track, screen colors and text font. Your content delivery options include multimedia, flash, text with dynamic images, lesson preview screens and reveal screens. 


You can use the Authoring Tool to quickly and easily create and manage a variety of authored pages. Your custom learning screens will allow you to deliver your desired learning content and enhance your successful online training program. 




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