LMS Tips: Knowledge assessment, measurement, evaluation, testing

A Winning E-Learning Strategy: Content, Delivery and Measurement


November 2011


Changing times in the virtual frontier make online training standards even more important, including the quality of the learning content, the flexibility of the delivery platform and the measurement of the programsí success. When you take aim at your open training issues and create engaging learning content, you will establish a universal curriculum that dispenses mission critical information, enhances bottom line performance and increases learner accomplishments.


Content Development


Aside from the E-Learning delivery platform, which ensures efficiency, economics and convenience, the most important component of any online training program is the course content. Developing rich, substantive and informative content will elevate your quality levels from isolated, one-time authored material to reusable, engaging web-based training programs.


Key resources and steps for creating engaging content are:


Can ILT Enhance the Learning Experience?


Information and Learning Technology (ILT) is the method of using technology to enhance the learning experience, which is the basic premise of a Learning Management System (LMS), using web-based technology to transform, deliver and educate. Incorporating the tenets of ILT will augment your content, help your students beat the boredom and enhance your overall E-Learning program.


For example:


Assess, Measure, Evaluate and Test


A critical component of any online training program is measuring itsí success. You can incorporate a myriad of post-course assessment styles to evaluate the effectiveness of your course content and the overall achievement of your program initiatives. Consider using open-ended assessments for more substantive student feedback, add hot spots to simulate and add interest to the scenario, task your learners to fill in the blank or offer multiple choice formatting.


No matter how you mix it, the data you collect will provide the metrics you need to measure student progress, test the effectiveness of your content and quantify your E-Learning program results.


Whether youíre introducing an E-Learning initiative or enhancing an existing online training program, the quality of your content, the efficiency of your delivery platform and the accuracy of your measurements are winning components to your strategy and success.



Training Tips

What You Need to Start Building Training

When you're creating online training content, there is some key functionality you'll need to get started and keep the momentum going. Fortunately, FlexTraining has it all. For easy-to-build learning screens, you'll need a built-in, template-based authoring tool. Multiple authors or trainers? No problem. Unlimited authors can work on the same course or on multiple courses. 


If your existing files are in Word or Excel, no conversion is required. PowerPoint can easily be converted to Flash. A wide variety of multimedia templates and layouts allow you to integrate streaming video, other types of multimedia and third party content, both in the learning screens and within the test questions.

If your student demographics require multiple languages, the multi-language mode can be used on all screens throughout the student module.


Standardized templates for presentations and testing make building courses, learning screens and test questions a breeze. Interactivity is vital, and you can build learner exercises, hot-spot questions, pre-tests and post-tests with the ease of point-and-click set-up. Stay focused. Make sure you're on track by previewing each page as you build it.


Save time and mirror your formatting when you copy screens from one course to another with the simple click of a button. The course material gets updated without having to start from scratch. These course authoring attributes are just a sampling of the valuable tools in FlexTraining. It's loaded with features and functions that will jump-start your online training program and keep it on track.


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