LMS Tips: Using a CD export feature to distribute E-Learning courses

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Take Your Online Training Off-Line


October 2009


The convenience and cost savings of a Learning Management System (LMS) are quickly and easily realized by training professionals looking to automate their educational programs for the benefit of the organization and the students alike.


Taking your training initiatives beyond the traditional classroom allows your instructors and subject matter experts to develop the course content, create the delivery format and administer the program from a strong, condensed and valuable training command center.


One easy step can make an even greater impact.


With the 24/7 readiness of your LMS, your students simply log in for enrollment and access to information that will likely enhance their skills, increase product knowledge, expand company communication and improve job performance. The E-Learning advantage kicks in immediately once the online connection is made.


The FlexTraining Total E-Learning Solution offers all the ease and convenience of an online training program, but it takes your E-Learning efforts one step further. The FlexTraining LMS allows you to take your training off-line with CD export of classes!


The CD Export Tool allows you to make an off-line version of your courses. Classes can be exported and burned onto CD for portable off-site and off-line use. This feature can be utilized for multi-language CD export, as well, burning classes onto CD in your choice of languages.


Off-Line Courses?


How can exporting your classes off-line help you? Numerous FlexTraining users have employed the CD export with great success and have told us how it helped them launch training initiatives beyond the internet connection. Some reasons to take training off-line include:


  1. Student has no internet/intranet. Training managers tell us that some learners donít have access to the internet/intranet and, therefore, canít access the prescribed courses. With a portable copy of their training program, they can learn at work or at home and keep up with educational goals.
  2. Leaving the intranet at the office. If the work day does not allow for employees to access their online training program, a custom training CD can be created with the right content for after-hours learning, including course completion, testing and data submission.
  3. Marketing courses to customers and employees. If your training is ready to go, donít be afraid to flaunt it. Let your prospects know whatís out there and whatís in it for them.
  4. Annual benefits enrollment (and other special programs). Provide critical annual benefits enrollment information and instruction for those at-home assignments. The export feature makes it easy to promote special programs and disseminate company updates.
  5. Employee mentoring. This simple solution allows mentors to reach out and make a difference.


With the option to export your classes to CD, you can add another dimension to your E-Learning program. The online or off-line choice makes an even greater impact to your workforce, customer base and company success.



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