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September 2011


Q: How can I ensure student course and testing integrity in a virtual learning environment?


A: Certain training situations require that the system track how long a learner spends in each section of learning content and how long each online assessment takes. FlexTraining provides time logging and reporting to facilitate this requirement. 

Time logging may be enabled with a single mouse-click or disabled for companies or customers that do not need to collect this information. Flexible report filtering allows time-logging reporting by student or by course and offers a summarized or detailed format. 

Protect the integrity of your E-Learning program with FlexTraining's integrated time-logging capability.



Training Tips

Ensure Your Training Comes Full Circle

One sure way to make sure your training is effective is to measure the learner's assessed skill level before and after taking each specific course. Training and communication are a two-way street. The more efficient the training, the more students are reached, and the more you broaden the capacity for interaction, exchange of ideas and learning.

Your course authors can define a pre-test and/or a post-test for any course, allowing for easy measurement of knowledge transfer and progress. Also, assessments are assigned a relationship to course lessons so that tests can occur at the proper sequence in the learning process.

Measuring learning effectiveness should begin as soon as students have enrolled and participated in classes. The moment student data is collected, it can be accessed in the reporting module and made available as needed to assess progress and effectiveness.


FlexTraining offers 360 degree training effectiveness through its integrated reporting and analysis functions. Capturing the before and after student snapshots will bring your training full circle.


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