LMS Tips: August 2008 E-Learning newsletter - PowerPoint


August 2008 E-Learning newsletter - PowerPoint


You have video, you’re making video, or you are searching for video to incorporate into your online training. But what video format do you need? The answer still depends on what video players are available to your student base. However, your choice is not limited by FlexTraining.  Now, any of the major video formats, including Flash, Windows Media Player, Real Player and Quick Time, can be embedded into the sequential construction of learning screens in the FlexTraining Authoring Tool - FlexAuthoring.


In the past, in order to play some of these formats, a separate window was required. Now, the current multimedia template will deliver these formats within the viewing panel of FlexTraining and maintain the navigational transition of the course section!


What are the advantages for you? 


1.      If your company prefers one of the major formats over the others, there is no need for a conversion to meet the preference of the LMS.


2.      If you have access to a mix of video formats, they all can be utilized.


Another use of multimedia involves expanding the application of the Learner Exercise Template.

The primary use of this template is to reinforce important points and engage the student through interactivity with the content. We often think of this as a Learner Exercise “Question” Template … ask a question and then use the four response options to provide one correct answer and three incorrect answers. This can also be used as a “branching” or multiple option template.  Any multimedia object from the FlexTraining Media Library can be linked to the four response options in the Learner Exercise Template.


Instead of asking a question, the learning screen can branch to targeted presentations. For example, here are two possible scenarios and response links:


Scenario One - Click on the letter that matches your job description


  1. Medical Staff - (Flash movie specific to medical staff)
  2. Security - (PowerPoint specific to security department)
  3. Administrative - (Quick Time movie specific to administrative staff)
  4. Volunteer Services - (Flash movie specific to volunteer personnel)


Scenario Two - Click on the options to learn more about this product


  1. Assembly - (Flash movie on assembly procedure)
  2. Components – (Alert pop up text box with component description)
  3. Key Features – (Audio narration summarizing product features)
  4. Web Resource – (Link to corporate web site)





FlexTraining and FlexAuthoring are continuing to evolve to meet the expanding and changing needs of training professionals. We welcome input from our customers and our potential customers. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss these features or any other aspect of the FlexTraining Learning Management System.








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