FlexTraining Support Agreement (cont.)


FlexTraining Software

Annual Upgrades/Support

April 19, 2002



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This agreement is only valid:


  1. If an existing Software License Agreement has already been executed, and
  2. When accompanying payment has been received.


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List Price at Time of Purchase

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Annual Ongoing Software Releases only: 12% of License Fee *




      $ 1068 


Annual Ongoing Phone and E-mail based support, including free software upgrades (future releases of the product): 20% of License Fee **




      $ 1780






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* Release schedule and frequency determined by Online Development


** Phone and E-mail support is for Software use issues, not including database or network trouble-shooting, software code alterations, or assistance with external (non-FlexTraining) software products and tools.  Modification of FlexTraining software by client is done at your own risk, and modified software is not supported.


Customer acknowledges that Vendor makes no representation that any specific software tool, feature, or functionality will be included in any future release of the FlexTraining software.  Vendor makes no assurances or predictions as to what software, features, or tools, will be involved in any future release of FlexTraining software.


"Upgrades" refers to upgrades for the FlexTraining software. It does not include any other products or tools that Online Development currently offers, or may introduce in the future.




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Return by mail with Payment to initiate support/upgrade period.



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  1. Fax 813-969-2867


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