September 8, 2003 


Dear Login & Go Subscriber,


Welcome to your individual FlexTraining Login & Go online training center.


Our design and development philosophy is geared toward making FlexTraining easy to set up and manage.  The attached FlexTraining Management guide will tell you how to create and manage your online courses, and to manage and report from your online learning environment.


It is important that you read the FlexTraining Management Guide before you begin to use and manage your Login & Go site, which is hosted on our servers.  Also, use the Management Guide to help you in using individual features, or to answer questions.  The guide is written to cover almost all normal situations and needs.  Please note: You can skip the section on “Installation” as this has been done for you already on our servers.  Please begin reading your Management Guide at the section titled, “Operating the Management Center.”


When viewing the “Configuration Wizard” area under the Management Center menu, do not change any settings in the “Web Server Environment” section.  This has already been set up correctly for your site.  Use the remainder of the options in the Configuration Wizard as indicated in your Management Guide.


Should you experience a problem, or have a question after reading the FlexTraining Management Guide, you can get help by accessing our Technical Support Customer Portal at  Your Customer Login and password for the Customer Portal are included at the bottom of this letter.  Should you ever lose your Customer Login and password, please e-mail us at


Below you will find detailed information about your Login & Go account.  Your Customer Login and password have been preselected for you.  Please keep a copy of this information in your files, for future reference.


We appreciate your business and welcome you to the family of FlexTraining customers.







Scott Cochran
General Manager

Online Development / FlexTraining





Accessing your Login & Go training center:


Start by clicking on the “Login & Go” icon on the web site.


Your Login & Go Company ID is: FLCXXXX

Your Login & Go password is: online



If you are logging in as a Manager, you will then be prompted for a Windows User Name and password.  Your Manager User Name is LGXXXX and your Manager password is  LGXXXX4.  Only the system manager(s) in your organization will need this User Name and Password.



Adding files to your Login & Go training center:


During your course setup work, you will often find it necessary to upload files (for example image files, Flash movies, PowerPoint files) to your online training center.  The facilities to do this are all embedded in the appropriate places within the FlexTraining Management module screens – there is no need for special uploading software such as FTP.



Accessing the Technical Support Customer Portal:



Customer Login:XXX









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