December 28, 2013


Dear FlexTraining customer,


Congratulations on your purchase of the FlexTraining web-based Learning Management System!  FlexTraining is the premier solution for online education.  Our design and development philosophy is completely geared toward making FlexTraining easy to set up and manage, with very little support required.  Accordingly, we don't often get questions from customers who are implementing FlexTraining.


However, should you experience a problem, or have a question after reading the FlexTraining Admin Guide, you will want to utilize the FlexTraining Customer Portal.  The portal can be reached at   You will need a User Name and Password, which are printed at the bottom of this letter.  If you ever lose your User Name and Password, simply send an e-mail to us at, and we’ll send you your User Name and Password again. 


The Customer Portal has online help, a searchable Knowledge Base, and a place to contact a support technician directly.  In most cases, someone will get back to you within the same day.  If you are not in a hurry, you can call your Sales Rep and give him the details of your question or problem, which he will forward to Tech Support for you.


It is important that you read the FlexTraining Management Guide that shipped with your software, from cover to cover, before installing FlexTraining.  Also, use the Management Guide to help you in using individual features, or to answer questions.  The Guide is written to cover almost all normal situations and needs.


When you first install FlexTraining, you will need a special “Run Code” from FlexTraining that is based on the IP # of the web server you will be using.  To acquire this code, send your customer/company name and the IP # of your server to  We’ll send you back a valid run code, which you will enter into your Systems Options in the Management Center Module.


We appreciate your business and welcome you to the family of FlexTraining customers.






Scott Cochran

General Manager

Online Development / FlexTraining




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