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Center for Court Innovation

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September 14, 2006





This letter outlines our responsibilities and expectations concerning the custom services work to be performed for you by Online Development.  The funding for the work will be from a pre-payment of $5000, for which you have already been invoiced.


Work to be Performed


The services to be performed are expected to be modifications to the FlexTraining software.  The customizations will be identified and described by you or your staff, and the more accurate and detailed the specifications provided, the more economical and efficient the work will be.  Good specs lead to useful modifications.


The customization work will be performed at our facility here in Tampa.  All work will be reviewed by your staff to determine it meets the provided specifications.

If you later decide you wish to spend


If the scope of the work being requested exceeds the prepaid budget for these services, either the scope will be reduced or another finding event will be required.  In that event, we will work with you to identify ways to keep under budget and still meet your essential goals.



Payment and Records


Payment will be due according to the terms on the invoice which has been provided to you. The hourly rate used for these services will be $100 per hour.


We will keep records of date and hours worked, and these will be turned over to you at the completion of the project, when the budget has been exhausted.  If you need to see time records before that point, we will provide them earlier.



Use of the Customized Software


Custom modifications to the FlexTraining software MIGHT eventually be added to the standard FlexTraining software product.  If this does happen, it will work to your advantage, reducing the cost of applying future versions of FlexTraining in the future.  However, it is more common for customizations to not be included in standard versions of FlexTraining, and not to be re-used again.





We stand behind our work, and our software, and will resolve ant problems with the customizations in a timely manner.  Our liability, as always, is limited to the amount of the services payments rendered



Supplement to Software License


This letter is a follow-on supplement to the standard FlexTraining software license agreement.  If any item or any aspect of this letter conflicts with the software license in any way, the software license will be given precedence.



We appreciate your business and anticipate a positive and mutually-beneficial working relationship.








Scott Cochran

General Manager

Online Development




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