Technical Support instructions – what customer hears if they dial extension 10


Welcome to FlexTraining Technical Support.  Please listen carefully as out support procedures are currently being revised.


Should you experience a problem, or have a technical question after reading the FlexTraining Management Guide, you will want to utilize the FlexTraining Customer Portal.  The portal can be reached at


To use the Customer Portal, you will need a User Name and Password, which you received when you purchased FlexTraining.  If you do not have a User Name and Password, simply send an e-mail to us at, and we’ll send you one. 


The Customer Portal has online help, a searchable Knowledge Base, a link for acquiring your “Run Code” that you will need at installation time, and place to contact a support technician directly.  In most cases, someone will respond to you within the same day.  If you are not in a hurry, you can call your Sales Rep and give him the details of your question or problem, which he will forward to Tech Support for you.


If all you need is a Run Code, you may simply send your customer/company name and the IP # of your server to 


It is important that you read the FlexTraining Management Guide that shipped with your software, from cover to cover, before installing FlexTraining.  Also, use the Management Guide to help you in using individual features, or to answer questions.  The Guide is written to cover almost all normal situations and needs.


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