Efficiency vs. Effectiveness  

(Use to schedule and execute sales tasks)


We win business by being effective, not by being efficient.  Compare:





I just went through my 25 inbound leads and called them all.  Can I have some more leads?

My last 5 calls to my inbound leads were not productive. Do I need to change my messaging or timing before continuing? What else can I do to get better results?

I am done with the inbound leads I have gotten.

What is my conversion rate (leads to sales) and what rate will I be satisfied with?

300 calls, 200 e-mails and 15 demos is a good month.

Two or three new customer sales is a good month.

I can get everything done in a 6-hour day.

Maybe I need to be in an “urgent mode” until I have better numbers.

All these leads are just people looking to gather information. Nothing good here.

Almost every customer comes just for information.  But we must control the process and persuade them to buy something.

Got email only from the form. So here goes my standard email.

With a little digging I might find his phone number on the company web site or another site.

Got phone number on form - I’ll bust off a quick call to her.

Research web site for 10 minutes first.  Become knowledgeable about their company and buzzwords.  Talk the talk.

I rapidly filled up my To Do items with old standards like “follow-up” or “touch base”.

Take your time and plan a specific item like “review $ quote vs. budget” or “schedule TNA”. Or don’t bother to call. Control the process.

How quickly can I get through my daily 10 outbound calls?

What kinds of training are done in this industry, or at this company?  Does their web site have any news or announcements? How will they save $ to pay for a training system?  Preparation=confidence.

Left VM “Call with any questions”.

He ain’t gonna call. If you have to leave a VM, make it urgent:

Things are changing – will call you Monday morning

No-obligation TNA next week. Day?

I think you’ll want to know about.

Sending Info Book, will call Friday

Emailed him an electronic form Info Book and Ideas book.  Boom.

Quick but useless.  Grab a real book, add a note on stationery, add a business card, mail using Priority Mail from the office.

I made 30 calls today!

I had 3 in-depth conversations, and got the prospects to open up and talk about their projects.

I have done all the steps in the sales methodology and still can’t get business from any of my prospects this month.  Ugh!

Sales is really hard. The rapport, the trust, the persistence, the confidence that it takes to sell software is a true art.  If you can do this, you can walk on water.








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