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Industry Backgrounder:Web Based Training





Web Based Training (WBT) is training conducted over the Internet or a company’s internal Intranet, using web server and browser technology.  Leveraging these existing tools means that companies don’t have to spend time and money installing special client software on the personal computers of all students. 


It also means greater ease-of-use for students, because they are using the same interface, a web browser, that they use for all their web access.


Online training tools are well past the stage of merely delivering web pages for students to read, and calling it “education”.  The best WBT systems feature remote signup, online testing, course guides, and web-based setup and administration.


The question that many organizations have about web-based education is this:


Who trains my students (or employees), the computer or a subject matter expert?


The answer is "both". Even if your training environment contains carefully-prepared course material, charts, photographs, assignments, tests and multi-media, your students are still being trained by the content developer. The real issue is what kind of access do the students have to an expert, and how much do they need.


The continuum of possibilities ranges from a high-touch solution, where the training framework primarily connects the students with an instructor, to a more high-tech, hands-off setup. Sometimes you don't want to staff an instructor for each time a course is offered, and would prefer to let automation handle the content delivery for you.


High-tech courses are more often self-paced, while a high-touch offering works best when the class stays more or less together, exchanging ideas and comments as they go.




FlexTraining is designed with these various scenarios in mind, and lets you establish the right mix of computer-based content and instructor interaction. Assignments, tests, e-mail, and online discussion are in place to supplement your course content as needed.




Quotes About FlexTraining



Mark Glover, Vice President, The Innovation Groups, in Tampa Florida, has extensive experience in conducting web-based training courses, and has been involved with other Distance Learning technologies.  Glover sees extra value in the FlexTraining software with its simple setup and broad array of configuration options.


"It's a quantum leap forward compared to other online training systems we have used", said Glover.  "The architecture puts each customer in a position to control their own training content.  The configuration options also let them implement their own policies as far as the use of an instructor, testing and grading philosophy, and automated class signup."


Glover added "This is the kind of application that is helping move the Web from being a glorified advertising medium to being a basis for value-added applications, which can improve the effectiveness of employees and business partners."


“After my review of web-based training systems and especially the authoring packages, FlexTraining comes up as having exception value due to its low costs.  This is especially important for public sector users with limited training budgets.  And that is exactly what on-line training has to do: provide low cost, high quality training that is current and relevant and as much student-centered as possible.”


[ Mr. Glover may be reached at (813.622.8484) ]



Scott Roeder, Senior Training Developer, Nextel Communication's Southeast Region


"Being in a major call center environment, a great challenge to overcome is how to get our call taking representatives trained on all the things that change on a daily, weekly and monthly basis without pulling them from their desks and sacrificing our service levels."

"I purchased and implemented FlexTraining last June and have been very pleased with the positive effect it has had so far with meeting time sensitive training needs. Specifically, here are some of the benefits we have realized so far:





Peter Domnick, Training Director, Siemens Information Systems


"I just wanted to let you know that FlexTraining Software is a great tool, which can help to plan, organize and perform Training in a very effective way."



Amy Grashel,  Freedom Learning Center


"We love the product and with all we are am doing right now in online Training, it's nice not to have to think too much about the details that FlexTraining takes care of. We are very excited about FlexTraining."






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