FlexTraining is an enterprise eLearning management system that provides a unique set of capabilities especially suited for broadly organized user groups.  Combining simple user-friendly design, no special software plug-ins, and several optional methodologies to create, teach, and track online training, FlexTraining is designed for rapid starts, easy administration, and auditable user accountability.  Role-based security, group hierarchal structure, flexible authoring and administration features are just a few features of this off-the-shelf eLearning management system software.  Students and administrators use browser-based point-n-click interfaces through any web browser.  Install FlexTraining and start training the same day.



Create training content using template-based layouts and choose from several methods according to your organizations existing capabilities.  Easily publish training content authored with standard industry tools like PowerPoint, DreamWeaver, Front Page, Flash etc.  Choose from over 20 built-in e-Learning templates, or plug-in industry standard off-the-shelf content.  FlexTraining is the only eLearning management system that allows interchangeable use and various combinations of the various authoring methods in a single course or curriculum.



Students may securely access course material from any standard web browser - reading, listening, or observing your interactive training content.  Schedule, administer, and track online courses, classroom courses, or live web-conferencing courses.  The Student testing capabilities allow rapid skills assessment and analysis.  Students will enjoy the template based interactive learner exercises that keep them involved as they learn, and will be automatically offered a printable certificate for successfully completing each course.



Track results in FlexTraining with nine different semi-automated reports, or custom design your own report.  Each report has from two to nine different filters giving administrators, supervisor, or trainers extensive analysis capabilities.  Reports may be easily e-mailed with two clicks.  FlexTraining maintains training records for unlimited time, as needed.


Successful Track Record

FlexTraining has been refined for eight years by a Tampa Florida based company founded in 1995.  The software is used by organizations in over twenty countries, Federal government agencies, DoD contractors, notable universities, and businesses of almost every size. 


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