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Online Development prepares to ship FlexTraining complete Web Based Training Solution


Clearwater, FL – March 31, 1999


Online Development, a custom Internet software developer since 1995, announced the availability of its premier product, FlexTraining.  FlexTraining is the first web-based solution to offer complete configuration without programming, along with a totally web-based Course Setup and Administration architecture.  Flextraining is suitable for Employee training, skills enhancement, technical training, conceptual education, and both instructor-led and automated instruction.


FlexTraining was developed to allow Administrators to implement their own course structure, rules and training policies concerning Course Development, Student Signup, Course Guide Access, Online Testing and Grading, and the optional use of Course Assignments, Instructors and Online Discussion Forums.


FlexTraining consists of three separate modules which share Course and Student data.  The three modules are a Student module, an Administration/Setup module, and an Instructor module.


Rather than adding a web server front end to an existing standalone or LAN-based system, Online Development built FlexTraining using web technology from the ground up.  It leverages ancillary Internet-related technologies such as E-mail, Newsgroups and Java where appropriate, delivering education to end users without requiring installation of special browser add-on software or “Plug-ins”.


“The name of the game is productivity and flexibility”, said Scott Cochran, General Manager of Online Development, and an experienced developer of custom online training systems.  “We want to give the customer choices, about Course Structure, Student-Expert interaction, Discussion Forums, and Testing methodologies, and developing course content.  Our view is that different companies and organizations will have different requirements and policies, and that shouldn’t require programming or drive them away from a packaged software solution.”


“For example, we let an Administrator define, for each course, how many (if any) tests there will be, what a passing grade is for each test, how many times a student may attempt a test, and whether the system should show students answers and explanations after each attempt. That’s flexibility.”


Online Development will market FlexTraining to both private and public sector concerns.  FlexTraining is available at the end of October.  The list price for an unlimited-course, unlimited-student, single-server license is $3900. 


At this price point, Cochran doesn’t expect any size company to feel that Web Based Training is out of reach.  “We think there are a lot of medium sized companies out there with distributed offices, business partners, and employees.  These distributed resources can often use additional training on product innovations, new regulations, technical advances, company policies, and industry best practices.  FlexTraining gives them a vehicle to make it happen, at a very low cost-per-student.”


Online Development also offers an Education Hosting service, where your virtual training facility is set up on their servers, and classes are hosted and Administered at Online Development.  Students who sign up for and take the classes can access the site over the Internet and don’t even need to know where it’s physically located.


Savings in printed training materials, and travel time expenses are two of the primary cost justifications for using online training.  “Just a single class of 20 students, offered only twice, brings the per-student software licensing cost down to $100”, points out Cochran.  Even with some extra costs associated with developing content and connecting a web server, the economics can be pretty convincing”.


More information, and an online demonstration of the Student Module, are available at the FlexTraining web site, at www.FlexTraining.com.



Located in Clearwater, Florida, Online Development has been creating custom and packaged (OEM) software for the World Wide Web and Corporate Intranets since 1995.  FlexTraining is a part of the Flex series of applications, which also includes FlexMeasures Online Budgeting and Performance Measurement, and FlexDocs multi-format Virtual Document Libraries. 




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