SAMPLE  Request for Proposal

SAMPLE Vendor Response

Attachment A


Client Environment



- What was your availability percentage for the past year?  Two years?  Five years?


- monitoring the health of your application and network

- disaster recovery

- service requests

- customer service

- security or other incident management

- capacity planning













Service Offerings

Describe your service offerings and how you service these offerings, include the following when describing the offerings:



File CLIENT course content for Agent CE with all applicable state insurance bodies


Be able to host CLIENT created courses


Offer courses which provide continuing education credit

Courses developed by CE provider.

Present CLIENT with the flexibility to host courses on your site or a CLIENT named 3rd party site


Present the learner with a course completion






Present the learner with state recognized completion certificates


Customizable Completion Certificates (without programming)

Present the learner with a course evaluation

Yes, customizable without programming

Present the learner with state requirements

Skill Groups lets user define each learner’s requirements

Present the learner with a course record

Yes – we call it a “gradebook”

Present CLIENT with predefined and customized course and user-based report capabilities

Yes – standard reports and customer report builder

Present CLIENT with a secure course loading solution


Integration with 3rd party LMS’s in order to provide course and learner statuses and completion data

Would be custom

Be able to present customized course views to CLIENT defined users/user groups via a catalog feature


SCORM 1.2 and/or AICC compliant course content and hosting


Provide user administration and bulk loading capabilities

Yes – with student import facility


Provide single sign on (SSO) authentication (TTPS Post or similar method) login from CLIENT or a CLIENT to be named third party

Yes – user needs URL which passes in Login and Password to an API that is built into the software for this purpose.

Provide e-mail and telephone user/admin support for technical and state credit-related questions

CE provides

Provide the ability to host media rich content such as video, audio and/or Flash-based courseware


Provide the ability to review CLIENT’s course content and create additional test questions as needed to meet the necessary state requirements

Yes – user builds and modifies tests as desired.

Present e-commerce capabilities (credit card payment, direct bill and voucher)

Yes – C-card or Ebay

Provide the capability to send e-mails to users in the system

Yes – flexible grid generates emails for selected events

Provide CLIENT administrators with notifications about upcoming course filing expirations by state by course.

Yes.  Notifications for enrollments, course completion deadlines, etc.


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