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FlexTraining Upgrade Opportunities

The FlexTraining Full-Service platform and related services offer a variety of methods to upgrade and enhance your training system and its impact.

Review the various options below. Take the first step today and drop us a note with your request or questions. Or file a ticket at the help desk.

Upgrade your impact – Add learners

Are there additional managers, staff, customers, or other resources who would benefit from additional online courses? Of course there are. Increase your scope by adding users and get more value from your FlexTraining platform.
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Upgrade your reliability – Host with us

Most customers host their FlexTraining catalog on our network, taking advantage of all the benefits that hosting offers. If you are not already doing so, consider hosting your solution here.
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Upgrade your performance - Consider a dedicated server

The ultimate hosting platform is a dedicated FlexTraining server on our network. For larger customers, right now is a good time to choose this path to increased performance and reliability.
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Upgrade your independence – Separate your Login & Go accounts

It’s not unusual to see three or four business units or several locations sharing a Login & Go account. There is nothing wrong with that. But they also share media, course material, branding, and system-wide behavior options. For example there may be a number of online “schools” sharing one system.
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Upgrade your courses – let us create and develop

The greatest challenge in implementing a successful online training project is in creating professional-grade learning content and building engaging, dynamic courses.
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Upgrade Your Mobile Device – See an overview of your FlexTraining operations on your phone

Our new Executive Dashboard web app gives you a real-time bird's-eye view of just how you are doing.
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Upgrade Your Authoring Capability- Add the new PowerLesson Tool and create lessons from PowerPoint instantly

Our newest rapid development feature generates a complete FlexTraining lesson in any course, right from your PowerPoint slides.
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Upgrade Your Skills – Schedule Management and Authoring training

We offer Manager and Authoring training to help ensure that you are gaining the full potential of your FlexTraining system.
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Upgrade your tools

There are many ways to add features and/or data to your FlexTraining system.
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