FlexTraining Leaps Forward

After a year of new development work, we are happy to announce that we have sunsetted the classic FlexTraining system as of mid-2022. We are currently delivering the new system - known as FlexTraining V7 - to all customers. Customers have been able to acquire the new FlexTraining product, under a completely different architecture and business model, from January 2022. Discounts are available for current customers who have been using the legacy FlexTraining system. Data transfer for legacy customers will be available in rare cases where the customer has been running the classic FlexTraining on an in-house server.

New technology, new features, new business model, new streamlined pricing. Our partners and developers wanted to call it "FlexTraining II". But we decided on "FlexTraining Version 7.0", the next big step in the rapid evolution of E-Learning. Life (and online education) just got a bit easier. Take a quick look at the new system, which is hosted on the FlexTraining cloud for all customers.

Our legacy business model and philosophy: We have provided the most economical training platform on the market for over 20 years, available for self-hosting or via cloud service.

Our new philosophy: We will provide a premium Universal Learning Platform product and world-class support to customers in various industries, all hosted on our robust hosting infrastructure.

New Technology and Features

New Applications Available

New Customer-Friendly Business Model

One Simple Annual Fee

Licensed UsersPer Licensed User per Month

No hosting fees. No annual upgrades fees. No tech support fees.

In the rare event you would require a SCORM interface, please add 35%.

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A 60-second Test

Time is money, and we know you are very busy. Create a quick multi-media online lesson customized to your preferences.

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FlexTraining Overview

Take control of your training. Custom courses that you assemble yourself put you in charge of your learning material and online tests.

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Just gathering information? A selection of white papers, feature lists, and PowerPoint presentations here will help you get started.

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The first complete author/deliver/track platform with everything included:

Summary of the 2022 changes: Our Mission

Streamlined architecture, from the ground up.

The new FlexTraining looks completetly different from the Legacy FlexTraining platform. In addition, we have reduced overhead and complexity by removing rarely-used features, such as Chat, Message Board, and server-side language translation. The result will be enhanced performance and reliability for many years to come.