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Is FlexTraining Right For You?

Exhausted Training Developer.

Do you have an E-Learning budget or schedule that may be tough to meet?

Management expectations sometimes put pressure on training authors and subject matter experts. Putting courses online quickly and economically will gain the confidence of stakeholders and lead to wide acceptance of your online education initiative.

People from various departments will need to access the training platform.

Will you deliver courses to multiple departments, brands, or clients?

Sometimes you need to identify groups of learners in order to direct your courses to the proper audience. Filtering and dynamic menus are used to make sure that only authorized managers will see course completions and certifications.

A Universal Learning Platform combines existing material.

Do you have existing learning materials like PowerPoints, video, audio, documents, or images?

Why start over from scratch when you may already have most of what you need to assemble targeted online courses? FlexTraining combines your existing materials, from different formats and sources, into structured courses with automated navigation, tests, and certificates.

A good learning platform allows global access.

Do you have learners who need training at various locations, at various times?

Unless your targeted audience is assembled in a classroom and logging in together, the answer is "yes". FlexTraining is a 24/7 solution, accessible from computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

If you meet any of the criteria above, FlexTraining may be just what you need. Please drop us a note and we'll lay out some options for you.

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