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Login & Go: A cloud-based complete authoring and delivery system with low, flexible monthly subscription fees.

Your own secure, private training center with easy point-and-click setup options. Scales to any size. Our most popular choice.

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Behind The Firewall: Self-hosted licenses available at any user level, with incredibly low per-student rates.

Choose a one-time fee for licensing, or a flat annual amount, whichever works best for you. A good option for organizations with a robust internal network.

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User-defined Courses: A complete do-it-yourself course assembly platform with simple tools and streamlined templates for lessons and tests.

Available with either option above, at any size, for any industry, and completely web-based.

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Turnkey Course Catalog: We assemble your online courses for you - using our built-in set of coursebuilding tools and libraries.

Perfect for companies or departments with tight resources and schedules. Some choose a mix of user-defined and turnkey courses.

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Need More Options?

Looking for a totally custom version of FlexTraining, including the data and integration that meets your unique needs? We have experienced software developers and have done extensive customizations. Just ask.

How about operating your own professional services franchise using FlexTraining and your talents to deliver online courses to clients in any industry or market? See our FlexTraining Franchise program.