Manufacturing Script and E-Mail


I wanted to touch base regarding your company’s training platform. I was recently speaking with our customer ­­­______________  and I am familiar with your company, so I thought I would reach out and find out how you are currently training employees. For the last 15 years, we’ve been helping companies initialize or upgrade to our E-Learning software. We provide a software solution that can replace any kind of traditional instructor training you are using now which will save you tens of thousands of dollars and countless man hours. If you’re currently utilizing an E-Learning environment, I would like to the chance to show you how FlexTraining is a better solution.


SC suggestion (this is just a First-call script, details/demo would be in a second call):

This is John Doe and I am reaching out to you because of the work we are doing with manufacturers and producers like ACME industries and YKK Zippers to help them save money and work more effectively.  We are – right now - rolling out a targeted manufacturing and distribution training system and companies like yours are using it for shop floor training, safety courses, compliance and OSHA training, and sales education. 


If live conversation:

Managers are finding that doing on-demand focused education through an online system cuts training costs and provides better results and improves tracking and accountability. Have you got a moment or can I get on your radar screen for 10 minutes in the next few days? 


If leaving a message:

I am going to call you back on ZZZZZday morning and see if I can tell more about what’s going on or get on your calendar for a few minutes so you can ask questions and tell me about how training needs to work for you.  Again it’s John Doe with FlexTraining at 888-957-7771 ext X, That’s John Doe with FlexTraining at 888-957-7771 ext X, and I really think this may be something you want to take advantage of.  I’ll be in touch.  Have a great day!




**Notes- I would not recommend leaving voicemails for outbound calls, but if you must, make it short and simple and call back at another time. This script is used best for when you get someone on the phone, or if you cannot and are sending an email. If you get someone on the phone and send a follow up email, send a different email relevant to your conversation.

Expect to usually reach voicemail. If you decide to leave a voicemail message after a few attempts to reach them:

  1. Mention your name at the beginning and mention FlexTraining at the end
  2. Mention 2-3 companies that we are “working with” now
  3. You MUST give a compelling reason for them to return your call.  Not “thought you might be interested in an online training system”
  4. Leave your phone number very s-l-o-w-l-y and leave it twice.




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