FlexTraining E-Learning Related Documents

In our work here at FlexTraining, we utilize a wide variety of documents, presentations, and templates. These tools help us reach more of the available market, and more importantly, let us engage in more conversations about online training with more people.

The PowerPoint presentations are largely used to communicate concepts and ideas, and occasionally technical information, to clients and software customers. Some of these PowerPoints are several years old and serve as a reminder of just how far we have come.

Where we have an HTML version of a document available, that is the format include here. Where there is no HTML version of a particular document available, the PDF version is listed and linked to. It should be noted that more current versions of many of these tools and documents are utilized in our current marketing and education processes.

Sales Rep Training 6.2
Sales Rep Training 6.3
VAR Training Demo Basics 1
VAR Training Demo Basics 2
Internet Basic Training
Internet Strategies Training
Sales Training Version 6.2
Systems Methodology Course
Prvate Training Centers Overview
FlexTraining in a Nutshell
Scripts and Educational Tools
Management Training Lessons - Script 1 HTML
Management Training Lessons - Script 2 HTML
Management Training Lessons - Script 3 HTML
Manufacturing Outbound Calling Script HTML
Script for FlexTraining E-Learning Flash Movie HTML
Private Training Centers Narration Script HTML
Outbound Call Script HTML
Management Guides
Section1_admin_guide_52 HTML
Section2_admin_guide_52 HTML
Section3_admin_guide_52 HTML
Section4_admin_guide_52 HTML
Section5_admin_guide_52 HTML
Section1_admin_guide_53 HTML
Section2_admin_guide_53 HTML
Section3_admin_guide_53 HTML
Section4_admin_guide_53 HTML
Section5_admin_guide_53 HTML
Section1_admin_guide_60 HTML
Section2_admin_guide_60 HTML
Section3_admin_guide_60 HTML
Section4_admin_guide_60 HTML
Section5_admin_guide_60 HTML
ft_mgt_users_learners_skills_6.1 HTML
ft_mgt_medialibs_reporting_6.1 HTML
ft_mgt_install_configure_6.1 HTML
ft_mgt_ins_adv_util_student_menus_6.1 HTML
ft_mgt_build_courses_6.1 HTML
FT62 Training Management Guide: Configuration
FT62 Training Management Guide: Build Courses
FT62 Training Management Guide: Learners
FT62 Training Management Guide: Utilities and Student Menus
FT62 Training Management Guide: Reporting
FT63 Training Management Guide: Configuration
FT63 Training Management Guide: Build Courses
FT63 Training Management Guide: Learners
FT63 Training Management Guide: Utilities and Student Menus
FT63 Training Management Guide: Reporting