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Student Menu


1. Your own Private Training Center Student Module provides a unique, secure menu for every  online learner, with a curriculum and menu tailored to his or her individual needs.


2. The Student Home Page automatically organizes courses and information into various tabs for easy navigation.  Naturally, the “Enrolled Tab” displays courses the student is currently enrolled in.  To assist you in meeting your training deadlines, you may decode to establish due dates and subscription periods for selected courses and students.


3. Under the “Available Tab” a student will see only those courses for which he or she is authorized.  This feature helps the training administrator control the release of sensitive material and focus each learner on the appropriate courses.


4. As you might expect, the “Completed Tab” provides a up-to-the minute reference for courses that this student has completed.   Material in these courses are available for review as needed if the course author ha authorized it.


5. If you activate the “Skill Groups” feature, you can assign a curriculum, or more than one, to a learner or group of learners, along with target completion dates. 


6. Reporting and analysis tools in your Private Training Centers Management Menu provide for easy tracking and follow-up.  Under the Skills tab, the student can view her progress as well.




Course Navigation


1. Each student has a dynamic menu with up-to-the-minute progress and enrollment information.  Courses are delivered automatically, with or without an instructor assigned.


2. Each course has a unique Home Page as well, displaying all course activities in a user-defined sequence.  Private Training Centers automatically tracks progress for each learner,  reducing the workload of the training manager.


3.  Easy navigation and automated delivery of content allow the learner to focus on the targeted training material.


4. The built-in “Bookmarking” feature means a learner can stop at any point, and return tomorrow to pick up right where he left off.


5. Adding a “Learner Exercise” is an excellent way to increase the retention of knowledge.  Exercises may be placed anywhere, and are built without programming or complex setup.


6.  Exercises provide instant feedback in audio or visual form, or both.


7. The Course Home Page always shows current progress.  A menu of “Course Tools” allows the learner to check grades, download documents, or interact with instructors and fellow students.





Taking a Test


1. The best way to determine how well a learner is retaining knowledge is with a Knowledge Assessment or “Online Test”.  Tests may be placed before, after, or in the middle of any Private Training Centers course.


2. Tests may be easily created in various formats, with different types of questions and possible answers.


3. Rich media such as images and video may be used in test questions at any time, to better illustrate the content of the question. 


4.An “Answer Review” screen allows the learner to see the list of questions, and to review and possibly change, his answer, before completing the test..


5. When the test is finally submitted, it is graded instantly for immediate feedback to the learner.  Of course, detailed results are also logged in the database for reporting and analysis.


6. For additional flexibility, a test may be designated as a “Pre-Test”, a “Pre-Test-Out”, a “Post-Test” or a “Regular Test”.  Regular Tests may be placed anywhere in the course activity sequence.






1. Whether you buy a software license or utilize the “Login & Go” subscription service, you want your training system to look like a part of your organization.  Branding your system gives your Private Training Centers system a custom look and feel.


2. Adding your own branded images and customizing fonts and colors in Private Training Centers does not require programming.


3. Corporate styles, colors, and logos help establish an identity and give your learners confidence.


4.  Utilize banners and logo images you already have, or create new ones in any image editor.  Private Training Centers accepts branded images of any size, within reasonable limits.


5. Changes to your images and other branding elements are made in the Management Module, and reflected instantly throughout the Private Training Centers system. 


6.  Use a point-and-click interface to upload and activate new graphics at any time, even while users are currently online.


7.  Private Training Centers supports optional Multi-Language Training with real-time on-screen translations.  System-wide language settings may be overridden by individual students, providing complete flexibility for multi-language environments. 


8. These are just examples of how you can easily turn Private Training Centers into your customized, branded E-Learning Solution.


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