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A versatile training system can empower a company or organization, with significant knowledge transfer accomplished throughout the enterprise.

FlexTraining - provides a proven learning framework for all types of online training. It delivers a proven path to success, and the ability to quickly deliver online courses.

The Software Modules area of the Options menu is used to identify which FlexTraining Modules are activated. Examples include FlexAuthoring, Message Board, Chat, and more.

The Behaviors settings are used to specify how the system should react to certain training events and learner actions.

The Tracking Options area contains special options for initiating tracking of additional data, including Classroom (off-system) training, Test Item Analysis, and Time Logging.

The Training Environment screen is used for quickly customizing your installation with your own logo, company name and site name, along with other options.

The System Environment area is used to assign technical information such as your server addresses, the physical path to your training content folders, your IP address, Run Code, and your database manager. Your System or Network Administrator should be able to supply this information.

The Mail Settings screen is used to specify how outgoing email notices will be processed.

The Email Target Matrix is a powerful tool that lets you determine who will receive notifications from the system, and which training events will trigger those notifications.

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