About the FlexTraining Professional Services Franchise Program

About the FlexTraining Education Framework

Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

Is it time to leverage your skills and background to launch your own business? Take advantage or our amazing finance program, tech support, and professional guidance to make it happen. We have been in the online education business for 20 years, and we have a wealth of insights and information that we pass on to you to make sure you are successful. And the costs are far below the fanchise fees for risky retail or "coaching" offerings.

A Franchise for Professionals

Looking for a franchise opportunity with growth potential but not interested in serving food or cleaning offices? Join the dynamic professional online training industry. Control your own destiny and your own schedule, while delivering a high-value service to companies and organizations of all sizes.

You already know you can run your own business and manage your own schedule. But when you look to find and retain clients as a business consultant, you need some specific industry or product knowledge, something to put you far ahead of your competition. With Flextraining, you will bring to the table a proven set of tools, course-building skills, and the experience it takes to plan, implement, and manage a complete training solution, for clients in your vicinity and across the country.

Level 1 Franchise - E-Learning Provider

We provide everything you need to author and deliver courses and tests on any subject and of any length. You will leverage our extensive experience, and utilize our complete learning framework, templates, and best practices.

This program instantly puts you in the rapidly-growing online training delivery business. Create, sell and manage unlimited online courses for any industry. For an E-Learning Provider, we furnish:

  • Our proven, stable, reliable complete training framework with full authoring and reporting. The system operates "in the cloud" with integrated e-commerce and multi-level security, so you can focus on selling and training, not technology.
  • Printable marketing collateral, templates, operating forms and documents so you do not need to re-invent the wheel. You can work from home or utilize a minimal office space.
  • Training on our successful sales methodology, how to build online courses, and how to run tracking and analysis reports.
  • Technical support from internal system experts to keep you up and running, and earning revenue.
  • 24 X 7 availability for your private training center, hosted on our premium hosting network, featuring intelligent multi-chanel traffic routing and massively redundant power supply.
  • For more details about Level 1 - E-Learning Provider Click Here.

Level 2 Franchise - E-Learning Distributor

At this level you can actually provide complete learning systems to your customers, capturing revenue through product sales and professional services. For an E-Learning Distrubutor, we supply:

  • Everything provided to a Level 1 franchise as listed above, and...
  • The ability to sell the actual FlexTraining system to your customers in any industry, as a behind-the-firewall training system and/or as a cloud-based solution.
  • Additional printable marketing collateral, related to selling the actual FlexTraining E-Learning framework, as a behind-the-firewall training system and as a cloud-based solution.
  • Sales support - including a custom web site, calling lists, demo scripts and strategies, tactics, and an organized process developed through years of direct FlexTraining sales to the marketplace.
  • Training on the Flextraining system sales methodology, tips, guidelines, course-delivery, reporting, and conducting demos.
  • Second-level technical support for your customers from our internal system experts, to keep them up and running.
  • For more details about Level 2 - E-Learning Distributor Click Here.


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Our Unique Franchise Program Makes It Easy To Get Started

Yes, financing support is available. And if you register today for the Start Today program for experimenting, exploring, and testing, your full Start Today fee is refunded once your franchise agreement is in place.

Immediate revenue opportunities are available as you quickly build online courses and deliver them to the marketplace. Courses, tests and operating documents are all template-based. Full time or part-time. No quotas or minimum sales. It's all about freedom and flexibility.

Utilize financing to start your E-Learning Business

Easy Start-up With Multiple Financing Options

We understand that you might need help getting started, so there are several options available to get your new business up and running. We also help you be effecient and effective as you gain clients and render professional services. As a FlexTraining franchisee, you will use a streamlined, state-of-the-art private training platform to create your clients' mission-critical training.

Utilize a Full Training System During Your Pre-build Period

The Start Today program

As your very first step in the exploration and launch process, we have established the Start Today program. This program gives you a complete FlexTraining site, with all course-building tools and tech support. Now you can try out your training platform before you make a long-term commitment. A very small monthly fee is fully refundable when you start your franchise. You can get more information and register here.

How Much Income Will I Make?

If you would like to forecast your income under various scenarios, for either Level 1 or level 2, please utilize our handy ROI model spreadsheets.

An early flextraining franchise adopter

Should Be An Early Adopter ?

When you see a franchise concept that fits your skills and ambitions, it makes sense to get started quickly. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, if you consider ease of gaining customers and the amount of revenue to be generated, it absolutely, definitely makes sense to be an "Early Adopter".

Are You Ready To Launch Your Professional Services Practice?

Your place in the online learning industry is limited only by your imagination. The field is relatively open for anyone from any background who wants to provide instruction in almost anything. The best candidates to start such a business are the same individuals best suited for other ventures, plain old entrepreneurs with lots of imagination and persistence.

Your clients can enter virtual classrooms, with or without instructors in other parts of the country, or even the world, and take part in online courses from the comfort of their own homes. Online education is a multibillion-dollar market. And, there really are no limits to the subjects that can be delivered via the internet.

People have a growing appetite for topics and interests that once seemed far beyond their reach, and companies have an insatiable need to keep employees up-to-speed and certified. The great news for you, the online education entrepreneur, is that this market is not a flash in the pan or a passing fad. It is almost certainly here to stay.

- Entrepreneur Press. Start Your Own Online Education Business