Looking for a B2B or Technical Sales Opportunity?

According to current estimates, the average cost of establishing a franchise business is over $30,000. If you would like to start your own professional sales practice in the tech market for a small fraction of that amount, with everything included, please read on.

Are you a sales professional who likes to work with prospects, provide solutions, and close deals?

Have you worked in technical sales or B2B sales in your career?

Woud you like to establish a long-term relationship with a software provider whose products fit all industries? [Demo]

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Flexible System, Established Product

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Success Is Easy

Of course it isn't. But we give you all the tools and best practices that provide a common-sense framework and a path to financial success. You are your own boss.

Are you ready for something new? Would you like to represent a proven, stable, amazing technology?

We offer strong support, a proven product, and the ability to utilize your own techniques and methods. We will train and support you on the FlexTraining system, face-to-face and remotely, so you will always feel confident and prepared.

You can work from home and operate throughout the country, according to your needs and location.

Love What You Do

If you have the ability to sell software and related services, we want to keep you with us for the long term. We are a true partner, whose experience will help guide you to growing sales and a solid annual revenue stream. Advantages include:

  1. Generous commission, according to your needs and abilities
  2. Utilize your own strategies and tactics to attain positive outcomes
  3. Your success is our top priority. Company resources will be focused on supporting your sales activity.

This opportunity is outstanding for an energetic communicator who loves to work with customers and deliver solutions.  Many reps have made over $100K annually selling FlexTraining learning technology.

View a brief demo of the FlexTraining system now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the FlexTraining product complicated?

Not at all. If you can use and demonstrate applications like Excel or PowerPoint, you can understand FlexTraining. We have customers who have no technicals skills or resources, and they need to be successful too!

How long has FlexTraining been on the market?

FlexTraining has been powering online training for over 20 years. But it has been continuously re-written and enhanced to keep it modern and to increase its utility, so it has changed greatly over the years. Everyone agrees it's better than ever!

Are there sales collateral documents and white papers I can utilize?

Yes, and much more. We will also give you a demo/practice system that is available online 24/7, and guidance and tools to acquire new customers. We will even talk to your prospects to help execute a sale if you request help.

How do I find customers?

That's always an important question to consider. We have two options. You can either utilize your network of existing contacts you have built up over years of experience in other industries, or we will furnish leads for you, using web advertising and online forms. It really depends on your needs and background.

How do I get paid?

You can have your customers pay you directly, and then you can remit our share to us afterward. Or you can have a new customer pay us directly, and we will remit your share to you. Either way, you get paid immediately.

I thought everything on the internet was free?

Not quite. Everything USELESS on the internet is free. In our case, your small investment pays for us to train you, to provide a demo system, and give you strong technical support as you ramp up. It's a one-time fee, not an annual cost.

So how would I get started?

First, view this short demo of the FlexTraining user-friendly system. Consider if you are ready for something new, and then complete the brief form below. We will send you a very short agreement to get things going, and then we will schedule your 2-hour one-on-one training. That's it.

FlexTraining Sales Partner - How it Works

No Annual Fee. Your one-time-only investment of $3900 gives you:

  1. Authorization to sell the FlexTraining Total E-Learning Solution software to contacts, associates, and customers in all teritories and industries
  2. Authorization to sell annual subscriptions to the FlexTraining complete training system.
  3. Immediate payment of 30% commission on each sale.
  4. The right to perform fee-based professional services, such as course-building and system operation, and to keep 100% of the services fees.
  5. Your own private, complete FlexTraining portal with all system features, to be used for exploration, testing, demos for prospects and other non-revenue purposes.
  6. Full tech support as long as you are an active FlexTraining Sales Partner.
  7. The responsibility to represent us with honesty and integrity in dealing with prospects and customers.
  8. FlexTraining uses a portion your Sales Partner program investment to buy ads to generate warm leads that are forwarded to you.
  9. Send us any questions here

Tremendous Opportunity for an Individual Or Company Who:

  1. Has at least 2 years of business-to-business sales experience, with a track record of success.
  2. Is self-motivated, self-directed and a strong interpersonal communicator.
  3. Can utilize a strategic, consultative approach to gaining and servicing customers.
  4. Is able to understand application software and E-Learning features.
  5. Is able to work full or part-time with accelerating performance-based compensation.
  6. Wants to sell a proven software product anywhere in the US.

A Product You Can Be Proud Of

The popular FlexTraining learning platform you will be selling can be used by anyone to create on-demand custom training. No programming or technical skills are required. This allows you to sell to small companies with no IT department or developers.

Just as importantly, you can learn the software in a few days, and you can easily conduct demos for your prospects over Zoom or another collaboration tool. Take a quick look at how it works:

Create an online lesson in 60 seconds here.

Watch a 4-minute narrated overview of the FlexTraining system here.

2022 Updates - Increased Revenue

In order to dramatically increase revenue flow for this position, we have made several significant changes:

  1. We have introduced simplified pricing that will provide much greater predictable annual revenue for you.
  2. A free Cybersecurity course is now included with every new FlexTraining license, a minimum $10,000 value.
  3. You will now be able to ALSO sell Cybersecurity tools such as our Risk Assistant application.

Please send me a free info kit at no obligation

  • System Overview
  • Tech Sales 101 Guide
  • Features Comparison
  • Sales Tips


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This Program Can Be Done On A Part Time or Full Time Basis

How Customers Use FlexTraining

Compliance Training

Organizations need to provide their employees with compliance training on a wide range of topics, including discrimination and harassment, dealings with competitors, insider equity trading, protecting trade secrets, records management, bribery, kickbacks, etc. Sometimes, many of these compliance topics are addressed in an organization's Code of Conduct, and the organization may offer employees periodic Code of Conduct training.

Customer Training

Customers often need education in order to make the best use of your products and services. Additionally, online courses deliver a solid value and proven benefits, and can be an integral part of your revenue profile. Customers can learn in a private, secure environment with user-defined exercises and tests.

Marketing Online Courses

Your online courses are a valuable asset. There are companies, organizations, and individuals who could benefit from your knowledge, and are willing to pay for it. You can sell courses to anyone with a web browser and an internet connection, and with the FlexTraining LMS you can have your custom-developed courses available quickly. No training solution is as easy to use and as well suited to experts who want to take their courses to market.

FlexTraining Universal Learning Platform